Wow I’ve Had A Great day, so far

Well I just got back from my fishing trip , my usual for the daytime routine , but this time I actually caught 2 fish, a flathead and a whiting and it was such a damn shock.  I always go fishing and dont expect to catch anything but a nice quiet time enjoying the sun and the water.  I started about 2 hours before the high tide was due and I started with the usual plastics and it was blowing a gale and I could hardly get the line out 10m from sure but I was having fun just trying.  I would sit there and wait for about 10 minutes for a small lull in the blowing wind and then I would cast my rod.  I was just about to change the bait to prawns and was very closed to the edge and then jut before it got to the steps this flathead had jumped on my hook, so then I was stressing because I had no water in the bucket and I hadn’t thought about how I was going to get the hook out either.  I put it in the bucket and I was trying to decide how to get the hook out when the fish just spat it out and I could hardly believe it.  So I filled the bucket up with some water while I had the fish in the net so it couldn’t jump out while I was filling the bucket and then I changed over to prawns and thought why shouldn’t I give it a go.  So I did the same as before and just waited for the wind to die down and then I would cast my line and irt still wasnt going very far and it was now very close to full high tide.  I could hardly believe it that a little bit out from the edge of the water there was a fish on my line again but this time it was a whiting instead.  So this was 2 different baits and they gave me 2 different fish and I could hardly believe the luck I had, I have been going to the same spot everyday around the high tide and I was just getting nothing and I really didn’t expect anything either.  I really do just g0 there for the enjoyment of being out in nature and enjoying the peace that comes with being out in the sun and nature and having a peaceful time.  Hey I might even get myself a nice constant tan something I haven’t had for quite some time but to catch these fish today it really felt great and I feel very Lucky.  So I had to put up a photo of the 2 fish now they are not huge at all, the are just over the minimum length allowed so that is lucky, oh yeah also I should mention that this second fish spat the hook out and swallowed the bait.  So that was 2 fish and I didn’t have to remove any hooks or actually touch them because I am a little squimish about that.  Ah that is all I have for now, I am on a little bit of a natural high and I need to keep feeling this way.  Okay I will catch you tomorrow and I wont leave it 2 days again before I get back on I just hadnt been able to get this damn computer to connect. Bye Bye.XXXXXXX


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