A Very Drizzly Day

Well the day looks very dull and drizzly outside and the sun is trying to break through and I have been waiting for my daughter to actually contact me back and it has been all weekend so I am just going to get on with life.  I keep losing my god damn nose-studs and I am sick of trying to find and make new ones but I have put another one in now and I just have to see how long it takes before I need another one.  Above is how it looked yesterday and it basically looks the same today, but hell is it so much colder today than it was yesterday.  I am trying to pull myself up by the bootstraps cause I have been feeling a little paranoid this last day or two, with being able to hear people through the walls and because my curtains are pulled because its rainy weather.  I really need to stop worrying what other people think of or about me and that if I am worrying about them they get rent free space in my head that I could use for other more important thing.  I keep thinking about putting my heater on but I dont want to use up any electricity if I really don’t need to because I have plenty of jumpers and blankets to put over me. I hate that its raining because I can’t get out and go down the water-front and enjoy my non-fishing fishing, I am so bored that I am coming up with names for things that makes it sound a little fun, because I really wish that I could be out there doing it.  Maybe I should get some breakfast, even though I don’t know what the hell I am even going to have I just know that I should eat a little something, maybe some sweet peanut paste on toast, then I will get back to my colouring.  Yeah I have been doing a lot of colouring the last few day, just a little something to brighten up my day and it gives me something to do when it is crappy rainy cold days.  OK catch you on the flip side.



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