Ah I am having fun

I have a lot of photos set in an artistic way, I have made many collages of my last 2 days down the beach and I am expressing myself the best that I can with these photos and I really am liking the way they look. Above is one of those pictures.  My eyes have been going a little funny today and I have been going a little light headed along with it and I dont see the doctor for another couple of weeks so I really hope that it settles down by itself.  My heels are itching and it is hard to bend over and scratch it and cause I have been in a fair amount of pain from doing the extra exercises along with the powerfit.  Even while I am writing my eyes are blurring and going funny while I try and concentrate on what I am trying to write and getting all the crap out of my head because there is so much going on in my mind with the neighbours all stabbing each other in the back and that they dont care how anybody else seems to feel and it is all just so in each others face and I worry about how people talk about me and what they think about me in the first place.  I am going to maybe doing some colouring  just to keep my creative juices flowing and give me something to do so that I dont get bored out of my mind and I am trying to keep my mind of , of things.  I have no money and I really wish that I could get some so that I could go down the pub and see whats happening and see if I could meet some other people and just not be stuck so alone.  I am really just wanting to meet some new friends so that I dont have to sit alone all the damn time.  Oh well I am going to sign off and feed P and then start locking up the house and getting it all nice and warm and I am not far away from sleep because I have been awake and doing shit since about half past 4 this morning.  Have a great night people I will be here again tomorrow to let all the crap dribble out of my mouth.




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