Yesterday when I couldn’t connect

yesterday arvo

Oh my goodness my internet really wants to piss me off this afternoon and I just can’t seem to get it to work, and then I just checked out the tide times and we dont get high tide until like 10o’clock tonight and I dont think that I can hang around until its that late for it. If I wait until then I am likely to be sound asleep or totally bald because I have no hair left from pulling it out because for some reason P seems to be barking the whole day long. He’s gone from not making a noise when we first moved here to not shutting up and every little thing seems to be getting to us both. And I am stressed that if he keeps barking at every little thing and non-stop that they will all complain and then I will need to get rid of him and without him I am so anxious and paranoid, but if he’s barking all the time then I am stressed all the time that he is annoying other people and since they were here first he will be made to go and then I am up shit creek without a friggin paddle and I cant afford for that to happen. I hate that the high tide is so late into the night because there is less chance of being able to catch a fish, and yes I know that I really dont expect to catch a fish every time that I go down but I would like to catch something every now and then though. I have to find my earphones before I go down to the beach/water-front, because I really feel like singing along to some of my favourite tunes and just letting my hair hang down so to speak and just flow with the sound of the music. I really want to sing like there is no-one listening and that I am in the middle of nowhere, like I really wish I actually was. I just dont want any shit or hassles and I think others dont feel good about themselves unless they are making people like me feel like absolutely shitty. Well I am starting to get all my fishing stuff together and then I am going to head of and forget about all the shit and know that P is being left alone because he will be in the bathroom where no-one can stir him up and I can feel peaceful and one with the earth and just be in the moment. Hopefully when I get home I can get the wi-fi working so that I can download the pictures that I take and this can be uploaded and then I can get comfy for the night. I’ll see how I go when I get home.

Last Night Couldn’t Connect Again

Well I got it to connect while I downloaded some photo editing tools and stuff. Then I lost it. I have decided that I wanted to connect with photography after going down to do some fishing but once I got down there and found that it was blowing a gale and because I couldn’t throw in a fishing line I started looking at the way the sun was shining on the water and the boats on the water-front. I could really enjoy documenting my great, bad, sad and good days as I go through them and because I am being creative and artistic it is yet another way of letting out the depression and other feelings out of my head. So lets see how long I last with this fad of mine, I keep going from one thing to another just to stop me from being bored and from having a build up of these feelings as they build up inside me and then I express them so that they dont eat me alive. Right now I am feeling a lot of pain and I am going to have some pain killers soon and maybe I will sleep better tonight, but my body really needs to let go of the stress that I am feeling from the exercise and it will all help me to feel better in the end. So I am going to have my pain killers and then I am going to try out all the photo editors and collage stuff.

Part 2

Well I will be able to have a lot of fun with some of the apps for photos that I just downloaded and be a way of being able to keep more photos for less actual space being used up. I am a little tired right now but at the same time I really not just a thing more of being bored because I dont have a lot to do, and I just have to get some way of moving all my photos and I really have to buy some usb sticks for storing my photos that I dont use for anything else so I dont loose them like I lost the last lot of photos that were on with the PVR television files. Right now I am going to have some ice cream and some fruit so I am having a little bit of healthy with the unhealthy and really enjoy trying o stay fit and healthy, so bye for now and I might get back on again soon.


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