Feeling so good

Well I just got back from down the water front while i spent 2 hours throwing my fishing line in.  I didnt catch anything but I really dont expect to actually catch something it is just my chance to get out into the sun and enjoy the beauty of nature all around me.  That was one of the main reasons for moving was so I could get out and do stuff, because where I use to live I had a goodness damn hill to walk up to get anywhere and where I am now is all flat and with my degenerative disc disease, hills made it very difficult for me to get out and about and I just sat in my house all day every day, except for my shopping day.  Otherwise I sat in the same 4 walls everyday , day in and day out and that really didnt help me with my depression, so I am very really blessed with living one block away from the beautiful water-front and public transport and its just so beautiful here and I am blessed.  So when I got home from fishing I had to go and have a nice long shower because the smell of the squid that is soaked in tuna oil, really does smell extremely fishy and gross.  That picture is the view from the beautiful water-front view I get to see every day, how beautiful is that.  Okay Catch you tomorrow, my dear journal.


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